April 4, 2020

15 Super Cheap Farmhouse Decor Ideas Under 50$ For You

‘Home’ should not only be the place to return after the whole day’s work. It must be one that assures you a comfortable and blissful environment. Farmhouse decor accessories will really help you in updating a bedroom, living,   entryway and dining area into a spectacular and agreeable space to live in. 

Farmhouse decor shopping becomes more easy and exciting task when we have lots of fantastic and inexpensive option for our favorite place. Discover the best of the ideas here in this blog. These inspirational and creatives ideas better improve the interior as well as the exterior of the house                                                 



            Rustic Wall Sconces      

Bring a change in your old farmhouse with the modern, versatile and beautiful Rustic Wall Sconces. When hanged at your favorite spot, believe us, you will be amazed by its beauty and how it spread soothing light all around. This one is surely enough to calm your mood. This style of decorative accessory is a fabulous idea to consider. It best matches to the walls of your house. Can also be put to other uses like an organizer for kitchen utensils or as planters for the garden area.

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this Edges Throw Pillow Case Cushion Covers best for your modern farmhouse decor ideas.


Edges Throw Pillow Case Cushion Covers 

Pair it with vintage chairs or couches and get ready to receive compliments for your purchase. Mild, super cute, linen trimmed edges cushion covers come in a wide range of arresting colors. Made from supreme material, these are machine washable. Available at very cheap prices, it is a quick way to transform the living area into a cozy place to relax.





Best cheap farmhouse decorating ideas for you


Rustic Wood Wall Mounted Organizer Shelves

Brown wood wall mounted two-tier shelf can be the secret of the beauty of anybody’s house. Easy to hang, it will add more to the charm of your living space. Displaying the best of your pictures, potted plants, books, it is yet another creative way to decorate wall space. Provided two hooks, you can use them for storing routine accessories like keys, scarfs, umbrella, coats, etc. 





This Metal Windmill Wall Clock is the best option for farmhouse wall decor


Metal Windmill Wall Clock

Want instant makeover of your farmhouse, get some stylish and vintage home decors and let them speak about you. Based on the theme of rustic windmills on the farm side, this royal metal wall clock leaves behind an astounding and nice look.  Surprisingly, it is the simplest way to augment the beauty of the living area, bedroom or entrance of the house.  What makes it different from usual wall clocks is its stylish blades each with the hour embossed in Roman style. Matched with a noticeable hour and minute hands provide you the ease of reading the time.






This is the bohemian style hanging wall decor item for your farmhouse

BoHo Macrame Hanging Wall Decor

Awe-inspiring artisan-ship, bohemian style macrame wall hanging looks ultra-smart when hanged at the favorite spot in the house. Try it on drywall, stone, brick or wood surfaces. Combination of modern and ethnic design pattern, it is a gorgeous home decor that brings glamour to old and boring living space. Captivating wall piece designed with handwoven fabric is a unique way to give a flawless touch to empty walls.






Cade Rustic Wall Decor Window Barnwood Frames for Farmhouse decor


Cade Rustic Wall Decor

 Go with trendy and rustic decor options and let others feel envious of your home. Open frame with no glass, it offers a modern look to any space in the house. It’s up to you whether you add your favorite pictures or other decorative items for a more special look. Can be presented to your special ones on occasions like housewarming, anniversary, birthday,  Christmas, baby shower gifts.





this is the Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set for farmhouse bathroom decor

      Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set

Forget those old ways and bring a home fetching mason jar to arrange bath accessories. A super cute, multi-functional and interesting item to adorn your bathroom. Have the one at very affordable prices and forget worrying about things lying here and there. Bathroom necessities like flosserstips, cotton balls, hair clips, looks more pretty when kept in beautiful mason storage jars. Create foaming soap with just a simple push using mason jar soap dispenser. Favorable for both the environment as well as your budget. 




this is the cheap farmhouse decor hanging item



Hanging Shelf Macrame Plant Hanger 

By spending just a small portion of your hard-earned money on macrame plant hanger, you can modify the entire look of your old farmhouse. Made with Cotton rope and wooden holder, the product is sturdy and very easy to install. The choice is yours whether you keep books, craft items, collectibles or plants to make it more appealing.  Enjoy the beauty of this bohemian style adorable hanging plant holder in the bedroom, guest room or garden area.






cheap farmhouse decor item




Vintage Decorative Jugs Set 

Sometimes doing experiments and using creative things yield more fantastic results than sticking to those old ways. Keep yourself updated with latest and cool farmhouse decorating ideas. Use of Sullivan’s jugs is one of them. Its antique look and everlasting shine beautify the center table and room’s corner. Made of ceramic, it comes in a neutral and soothing color that matches almost every place of your house. To further enhance its beauty, just drop a single stick of flower.








cheap modern vintage farmhouse decor



Vintage Candle Stick Holders

The Candle Holder become a center of attraction when somebody visits your house. Available in various sizes, this is superb decorative time for birthdays, parties and candlelight dinner. Paying little money, you can now illuminate your house with the unique and eye-catching decor accessory.






modern farmhouse decor item in cheap price



Rustic Wood Arrow Sign 

 Nicely carved arrow sign beautifies the interior of your farmhouse when displayed at entryway area, walls of the room, kitchen or living room. It may be rustic, country, boho, vintage or tribal. There you will find two sawtooth hangers at its back that allows you to hang it in any direction of your choice.







farmhouse table decor from Artificial Plastic Mini Plants Unique Fake Green Grass Flower


Artificial Plastic Mini Plants 

 For nature lovers, these artificial plants placed at several corners of the farmhouse add a touch of freshness. Adopt this evergreen idea and feel the joy of greener atmosphere around your house. Designed from advanced PE materials, it doesn’t cost much of your money.





Shabby Chic Pewter Round Quartz Table Clock in cheap price for farmhouse decor


Shabby Chic Pewter Round Quartz Table Clock

 Leading an amazing idea to enjoy European artistic sense. Handmade body from pewter and resin, it comes in bold and vibrant colors. Only you need one AA battery to operate it. Just move one step ahead to live your dream lifestyle and be the next to have this elegant and branded table clock. 







super cheap farmhouse decor item



Classic Sign Box

 It would be fun using a frame with rounded edges and corners that have to sand on its surfaces. The primitive Farmhouse decor looks class when hanged at any corner of the house. These super-cheap items take less of the wall space but give the more enchanting look.







Native American Arrow Wall Decor for home



Native American Arrow Wall Decor

 It is a must to have wall decor item. Here, the three rusty arrows are wrapped in the middle with the help of wire that gives outstanding looks. Best suited for office, guest room, bedroom, kitchen area, etc. 









It is hard to find anywhere else, kindly visit our store and get all the special decor accessories. Upgrade your living standard and shop the one that best compliments the rest of your farmhouse’s theme.


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